Queeros Retreat Principles

Twelve guiding principles for creative erotic wholeness and shared intimacy within queer and trans centered* community.


My mission is to organize events that welcome multi-generational connection, vibrancy, as well as rich experience sharing in safe-enough conditions for humans to explore their wholeness through play and co-created erotic space. The following are inspired from my ongoing travels and learnings among other communities including, Urban Tantra, Burning Man, Outland, Borderland, 2SLGBTQI+, Somatic Sex Education, Sex+ and Kink+ event spaces.

*This is a queer and trans centred space meaning participation will be prioritized to queer and trans folk. The facilitators and their offerings will embody this lived experience while welcoming curious folks that have the capacity to demonstrate and align with community agreements and embody shared principles/values. xo Raynefyre Grayce


Every human is welcome and a valued co-creator.
Respect each other’s autonomy, agency and authenticity.


Unconditional and freely offered, everyone has a unique gift. It is up to the giver to respect the rights, liberties and desires of the receiver. Gifting might include acts of service, objects of desire, prayer, performance, touch, presence and gratitude.

Show up and remember you are a gift created with love.


An individual’s gift includes their multi dimensional being including and not limited to sexuality, gender, relational orientation, disabilities, super powers, ancestry, spiritual beliefs….

Authenticity is always unfolding and celebrated.


Personal accountability. Discover, exercise and rely on inner resources. Understand and honour your domain, boundaries and limits. Communicate your needs, wants, desires and longings.

Prioritize your personal nurturing, pleasure and longings; listen to your body, ask for support, honour others in their own process of doing the same.


Intentional attendance. What happens together stays together. Respect the confidentiality of others by speaking from your own experience, and not naming and outing others.

Always get consent for any image capturing, recording, and media sharing.


Co-creators assume responsibility for community welfare by adhering to guiding principles. Understand how your actions effect others, this includes practicing safer sex, disclosing relationship statuses and intoxicant uses that influence intimacy and play. Share any accessibility needs.

Respect all bodies as temples for the soul and the greater co-created temple for the whole.


Achieve by doing, choose actions based on enthusiasm. That which encourages heart opening and curious connection.

Welcome when your body says yes, no and maybe.


Be here now. Meet others where they are. Practice immediacy.

Overcome outdated barriers and perceived limitations by choosing expansion in awareness in the now.


This is the back bone of all interaction and connection. Respect hell yes’, no’s and everything in between. Exercise your best understanding of power and privilege and bring it to light during negotiations.

This is an ongoing agreement with ourself and others.


Active and interactive participation can support co-regulation, embodiment, expansion, empowerment, connection, love and magick.

Shared vulnerability in collaboration over competition.


Experiment curiously with a light heart, explore novelty and the deep portals of potential.

Embodied sex and intimacy is playtime for adults – have fun!


Honour the elders and creators that paved the way. Credit other contributors, your teachers, ancestors and lineages that made our shared experience possible.

Credit the people of the ancestral lands and territories that hold us in our expansion.